Share your vision for a fossil-free NC!

We want to hear from you, your friends, and your community: what does a fossil-free future look like to you, and what impacts will it have on your life?

Maybe you’ve experienced a loss of power when our current energy grid failed to withstand an extreme weather event. Maybe you’ve seen your utility bills climbing, or have a health concern like asthma that’s exacerbated by air pollution. Maybe you just want to keep North Carolina beautiful! Whatever your reasons for getting involved or your hopes for the future, we want to hear them! Upload your video and we may use it in social media ads or other outreach materials. 

You don’t need fancy equipment to film a video — just a phone is perfect! A few tips for the best quality:

  • Film in landscape mode (not portrait)
  • Use a tripod (even a makeshift one) or have someone film you, if possible
  • Try to film in a well-lit space where you’re clearly visible
  • Aim for 1-2 minutes
  • Speak from the heart! We’ve put together some sample scripts if you need inspiration, but remember that this is your story.